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Hi people. So I signed up for this blog a few years ago when trying to figure out if I could. I can’t believe it still exists. Anyway, if anyone actually wants to check me out, go to one of these active sites:

Thanks, whoever it is you may be.

For every success story, there are hundreds of failure stories that have the same first 100 pages.
This is one of those.

          Getting famous was going to be the hard part. Being talented and having serviceably good looks had already been taken care of by some fortunate cross-breeding and an accidental early appreciation for mud baths. But I didn’t have the balls to move to Hollywood, nor the patience to run cables for the 5 o’clock news for the mandatory 10 years before I was to make it. And as it turns out, those reality shows aren’t as real as they’d have you believe. And so I laid down to a nice nap to sort out my options and woke up 15 years later. Crap. The window is closing. Hail Mary time. Blogworld, here I come…